Tankab Hunters is a company located in the Yucatan dedicated to organize hunting services in different parts of this region. Our main hunting area is the southern region of the state of Campeche, where the terrain, vegetation and climate presents a real challenge for those hunters who are looking for an excellent hunting experience in the jungle. Some of the trophies we have available in our hunting areas are the famous and coveted Ocellated Turkey and the Red Brocket. The area also has important species like the curassow, puma, collared peccary, guan, white-tailed deer, etc.


Being a company created by hunters with over 25 years of experience in this region and having contracted hunt services around the world , allows us to see at first hand all of the hunter's needs regardless of their level of experience. All of this thanks to our guides which are the best in the area as well as the owners that have over 20 years exploring this region and they know it perfectly, this guarantees sightings in each hunt. In addition to our vast experience we have the best and most personalized service in the region, our hosts are responsible that the hunters feel at home, an international chef, spacious air-conditioned luxury tents are some of the services available to you in our camps.

We´ll be waiting for your visit so you can live an incredible adventure in the most impressive jungle throughout Mexico!